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What is a Fractional CTO?

A Fractional CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, is a professional who provides high-level strategic advice, technical leadership, and IT support to a business on a part-time or contract basis. The concept of “fractional” refers to the part-time nature of their … Read More

Our Founder & CTO, Will Beattie, is interviewed by The Emirates Times

Our Founder & CTO, Will Beattie, was recently interviewed by The Emirates Times. You can find the full interview below.

6 Dos and Don’ts for developing software using an agency or freelancer

Suppose you have a fantastic idea for software but lack the necessary technical skills to build it yourself. In that case, finding an agency or freelancer to develop it for you is your only option.  No-code solutions are available; however, … Read More

Top Ten Interview Tips for Software Engineers

I’ve had the pleasure of recruiting software developers for over 20 years now in New Zealand, Singapore, San Francisco, and the UK where on average I’ve received over 100 applications per job listing. I would like to share some tips … Read More

An Outsourcing Retrospective

In Agile there’s a common practice called a “Retrospective” which is a meeting at the end of an iteration to openly discuss ways to improve the process for the next iteration. Before starting Alpha Bridge, I had a need to … Read More